Wedding Dance Lessons

Be sure you look good as the newly wed couple. The first time you dance as a married couple for all your guests to see is a once in a life time occasion. Traditionally the first dance was a waltz, but these days anything goes - Salsa, Rock n Roll. Choose a song with personal sentiment and we will choreograph your special dance to your special music. Your first dance as a married couple will be a memorable occasion.

How many weeks before the wedding should you start?

We recommend that where possible you start eight - ten weeks before the wedding and allow for one session per week. The fees for wedding dance tuition are £28  per 1/2 hour session.

Wedding First Dance Private Tuition

Personal Tuition is carried out by one of our trained teachers and lessons can be solo or with your dance partner. They are a convenient and cost effective way of learning, or just improving and developing your dance routines & technique.

Wedding Dance Testimonial


We would like to thank Steve and Denise who choreographed an individual and beautiful routine for us to dance to at our wedding.  We wanted to dance to ‘our’ song which was special for us but did not match a standard dance. This did not matter and before we knew it we were floating around the dance floor completing spins and turns. 

Denise was very patient with us and careful to match the routine to our ability and personalities which increased our confidence. When we performed the dance at our wedding we were confident and practiced, our guests were very impressed and it made our first dance feel very romantic and special to us!  We were also able to entertain our guests during the buffet as we then performed a standard waltz.

We really enjoyed the whole experience of challenging ourselves to learn a new skill together, so much so that we are continuing our lessons and are now learning the foxtrot and quickstep and going to the Saturday night socials.

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